Download Data for Import into a P.O.S. System

You must be a CFD dealer to access the data download. Assuming you are registered, signed in and have access to a CFD account, follow these steps to download CFD catalog data.

  1. Navigate to the Catalog Front Page
  2. Search or use the menu to bring up the items you wish to download.View as Excel
  3. In the "View As" drop-down menu, select "Excel"
  4. Save the Excel Spreadsheet file and use it as the basis for your P.O.S. data import

The data in the Excel file is described as:

number - CFD Item Number - CHARACTER(13)
name - Short Name for Item - CHARACTER(50)
size - Weight in Lbs. - DECIMAL(8,1)
model - Model Code - CHARACTER(20)
vendor - Name of Supplier - CARACTER(50)
unit - Unit of Sale - CHARACTER(3)
invoice - Item Description as it Appears on CFD Invoice - CHARACTER(50)
upc - UPC Code or blank if Unavailable - CHARACTER(13)
unit_price - Price per Unit of Sale - DECIMAL(11,2)
min_price - Price per Unit of Sale if you buy at least the qty in "break" - DECIMAL(11,2)
break - Quantity needed to get the "min_price" - INTEGER()
quantity_available - Estimated Availability at the time of running the report - INTEGER()
SRP - suggested retail price - DECIMAL(11,2)
MAP - minimum advertised price - DECIMAL(11,2)
FULL_TEXT - full text, HTML description
image - URL for best quality image