CFD is...

CFD - Co-operative Feed Dealers, Inc - is a wholesale distributor and offers a wide variety of product lines, excellent customer service, and delivery capabilities in the northeast. We have partnered with 100's of the nation's top suppliers to offer thousands of products for your farm, garden and pet needs.

CFD TruckCFD is a cooperative established in 1935 to assist independent feed mills and increase their purchasing power to compete effectively with the larger corporate mills. CFD was founded under the cooperative corporation laws of New York State. Under the cooperative, independent dealers, buying through CFD, receive competitive prices on retail store merchandise and feed ingredients. Throughout the years, profits have been returned to CFD members in the form of patronage dividends.

CFD has expanded to distribute agricultural, garden and pet supplies to numerous market segments. Our customers include feed mills and retail locations (farm supply stores, tack and feed stores, lawn & garden centers, hardware stores, pet supply stores, sporting goods stores and shoe stores). An expert staff is available to help with your farm, garden, and pet supplies, nutrition needs and feed ingredient purchases.

CFD 2023 Board of Directors

Kenneth Clark           Clark’s Ag Center
Todd Nearing            Cochecton Mills
Philip C. Rockwell     H. Rockwell & Son, Inc.
Blake Lutz                  Lutz Feed Company
Barry James              McDowell & Walker, Inc.
Scott Moore             Moore Farms
Earl Morrison           Morrison’s Custom Feeds, Inc.
Janet Beken Smith  Stamford Farmer’s Co-op
C. Michael Ward      Ward & VanScoy, Inc.



2023 CFD Officers

Barry James         President
Kenneth Clark      1st Vice President
Scott Moore         2nd Vice President
Lon P. Stephens   Secretary & General Manager
Dan Kreeger        Treasurer