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Attracts Finches, Siskins, Redpolls & More. Sized for the Finch Family. Expect a “Goldrush!” For Finch Tubes Only. What's the Right Bird Food To Use? Aspen Song™ Finch is ideally formulated for these small perching birds. It contains Fine Sunflower Pieces, Small Yellow Millet, Nyjer® Seed, Canary Seed, and Canola Seed. The contents may be tiny in size, but are packed with nutrition for this energetic group. And all are food magnets to the finch family of birds. Who Will Show Up at the Feeder? Among the birds visiting your yard are a select group of smaller birds with bills that seem tiny for seed-eaters. They include American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, House Finch, Pine Siskin and Common Redpoll. Rarely a Hoary Redpoll may be seen. What's the Best Feeder To Use? These species comfortably perch on tube-style feeders. Other larger birds have trouble with the short perch lengths. Offering this mix in a tube-style feeder with tiny seed ports designed for Nyjer® seed, means the small-billed, perching birds will have a dinner table set just for them. Ingredients: Fine Sunflower Pieces, Small Yellow Millet, "Guizotia abyssinica"/niger, Canary Seed, and Canola Seed. Guaranteed Analysis: Protein (min): 15.7% Fat (min): 21.4% Fiber (max): 13.6% Allergen Statement: This product is processed, packaged and/or stored in facilities that also may process, package and/or store peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, milk products and soy. Not for Human Consumption.

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