Welded Wire 13-48

STAY-TUFF Welded Utility Fence is one of our most versatile wire products. It can be used for various projects and applications, from guarding your pets to protecting your lawn. This sturdy fencing solution is galvanized before welding for an extended lifetime. It also features cross wires that are smooth and cut flush to prevent snagging. STAY-TUFF is the #1 choice for all your fencing needs.

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WIRE WELDED 13-48" 2X4 14 GA 100' DWU-363
CFD#: 1306370 UPC: 021936015630
WIRE WELDED 13-48" 2X4 12.5 GA 100' DWU-351
CFD#: 1306382 UPC: 000215077233
WIRE WELDED 13-48" 2X4 12.5 GA 50' DWU-355
CFD#: 1306407 UPC: 000251077332
WIRE WELDED 13-48" 2X4 14 GA 50' DWU-362
CFD#: 1306429 UPC: 021936015623