ZX RV12.25 REVIVE 12.25LB .25 ACRE  

Imperial Whitetail Revive is an annual food-plot planting specifically designed as a rotational crop for planting in Spring.

Revive refreshens the soil, improves soil quality and maximizes nutrient uptake for the next planting.

By incorporating Revive into a multi-year planting rotation with perennials and fall annuals, you can assure that you maintain your soil in top growing condition.

Revive is a blend of buckwheat and Whitetail Institute WINA62 sorghum designed as a soil-revitalization crop, not primarily as a forage for deer. As such, it’s a “best management practice” tool that will appeal to hunters and managers who adopt a year-around, multi-year approach to maintain healthy productive soil.

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ZX RV12.25 REVIVE 12.25LB .25 ACRE
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