Re-Grip - Small

The Simple way to add a grip to any handle

Re-Grip is the simple way to add a new grip to any handle, lever or tool within seconds and with no mess. Re-Grip non-slip grip not only provides protection but enhances the safety and comfort of any item it is added to.Re-Grip is a truly diverse product. The uses are nearly endless. It can be installed on thousands of tools, levers, sporting goods, construction equipment and applications Including:

Tools: Axes, Crowbars, Hammers, Rakes, Ratchets, Shovels, Trowels, Wrenches
Recreation: Bats, Bikes, Fishing Poles, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, Paddles, Racquets
Construction Equipment: Jackhammers, Levers, Drills, Sledges, Wheelbarrow

Makes Old Tools New and New Tools Better. Some of today’s tools come with grips that are formed of soft material for comfort, but they can wear down or break apart. Other grips are formed of a harder material to be more durable, but those grips may sacrifice comfort.
Fits Handle Diameter- min-.68" max 1.1"

CFD# 1322120 UPC# 859155003059