Maximizer Deer Mineral 40 lb

Research with livestock has proven that minerals improve conception rates, increase the size of litters and the size of individual animals at birth, increase growth rates and feed efficiency, increase milk production, increase animal health and whole list of other benefits.

When it comes to deer minerals, most are marketed to sell to hunters, not help the deer that consume them. These salt based products are geared towards large profit margins rather than increased animal health and production. There are hundreds of captive deer farmers in this country growing some giant bucks with antlers scoring well over 300". I promise you these guys are all using minerals in their feed rations but none of them are throwing "rocks" into their deer pens to supply the needed minerals and nutrients, nor are they using some "lucky" mix of this and that. They are using a carefully designed mineral mix to increase the antler size on their bucks ... shouldn't you be doing the same?

Real World new Maximizer mineral is so much different than any other mineral marketed to whitetail land managers that captive deer farmers are taking notice and using it to feed their captive bucks. Maximizer contains more than 20 different minerals and nutrients including an all natural anti-parasitic compound. What may be most important is that these nutrients are in exact ratios to each other for maximum results.

Maximizer has been tested for the last 3 years on wild deer in 7 states with fantastic results. If you want to take your deer management to the next level, you need to take a close look at Maximizer deer mineral.

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